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Old 23-Jun-2006, 22:50
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airbox, chip and exhaust mods

I've finally got round to fitting my open pipes, chip (for airbox and pipe mods) and cut a few holes in the airbox lid (2 letterbox types front and back).

The bike seems to run fine (the throttlebodies were balanced during its last service), there are no flat spots (though the usual jerkiness below 3000 rpm is still there though not so bad). A friend following today noticed some slight popping on throttle closing but very rarely. Overall I would say that the power delivery is more linear than before with no real surges at all (before this occured between 3-4000).

I have heard one way to check the fuel mix for leanness is to blip the throttle and see how the revs drop down to tickover (too slow is no good as is dropping below and then levelling out). On trying this the revs dropped to tickover immediately, the plugs when checked after an afternoon riding look normal.

Am I ok to continue riding or should I get the setup checked. (bearing in mind I'm a cheapscate and the local dealers love taking my money).
Old 24-Jun-2006, 12:12
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as long as the plugs look good and the bike feels like she's running sweet leave it alone
dont fix it if it aint bust
Old 26-Jun-2006, 12:06
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When you fit a new chip, I have the FIM in my st2, then you need to re-balance the throttle bodies again. This should iron out any small problems. I spent a number of hours doing mine and the result was worth it. It runs very smoothly now. This can be done by you with a Co2 gauge and a vacuum balancing gauge.
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