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A different out look 916 Ducati Paint scheme

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A different out look
916 Ducati
Paint scheme
  • Barry Sheene
What do people think.......out of the box, bit left field???

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Member: Andydesperado
Created: 26-Aug-2012
Last Modified: 26-Aug-2012
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Comments: 4

Author Comment Date
Bruce 916 sweet!! Different for sure. Tastefully Done. Barry would be pleased. Rest his soul. 29-Jan-2015
OldDude Very nice!! Definitely won't see yourself(another) out at the shows, or paddocks!! 20-Mar-2013
Andydesperado Depending on the year, yes it is. 05-Nov-2012
chitts71 is this the bike Sheeney won his world title on? 05-Nov-2012
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