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Old 08-Dec-2003, 06:06
paulk paulk is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 196
Join Date: May 2003
Madmav - Ouch! Ive had a lot of those emails asking for my address for a cheque to be sent and wondered exactly what they were upto. Thought it was a process of obtaining personal information but now see its much more simple.

A lot of people are getting cought out with releasing the goods after their bank tells them the cheque has cleared after three or four days. There have been a few horror stories in the press recently about people releasing cars on the strength of 'cleared cheques' only to see them bounce a week later (or forged bankers drafts which 'clear' then get sent back by the supposed issuing bank). Each time the banks have refused to be liable for any losses as they say it is normal procedure to confirm a cheque has 'cleared' if you ask - but this does not mean it cant still bounce. It just means at this point the cheque exists to attract interest payment.
Old 10-Dec-2003, 19:27
Fieldsheer Fieldsheer is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 23
Join Date: Nov 2003
Mood: variable
I told the story on the VisorDown Motard page and received one reply which unfortunately sounds to good to work.

Open a second bank account to pay the cheque into, when it has `cleared`transfer the money into your normal account. If it then bounces the bank picks up the tab for being careless.
I would love to think this would work but feel that somehow the bank will always win.
Old 10-Feb-2004, 19:13
Road Runner Road Runner is offline
Registered Forum User
Big Twin
Posts: 1,052
Join Date: Sep 2003
Mood: Avatar what Avatar
Very interesting reading guys thanks I shall be watching out for them..
Old 02-Aug-2004, 15:10
DeeJay DeeJay is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 7
Join Date: Jul 2004
There's a very cheap (2400) 748 on Bike Trader at the moment.
I'm not sure this is 100% dodgy, however having had a few email exchanges, here's what he said:

1) He's selling the bike cheap to pay for something for his brother
2) He's deaf and so cannot speak on the phone
3) The bikes in Ireland and he would arrange shipping etc if I paid whilst it was in transit (with a full money back guarantee etc).
4) When I said I'd collect it he asked for a small deposit
5) When I said I'd collect it the following day so a deposit was not required he said 'OK'
6) When asked for the reg plate and dealer name he went all quiet on me.

So, looks dodgy to me - be careful out there!

Old 17-Sep-2004, 20:01
deej's Avatar
deej deej is offline
Registered Forum User
Ducati Meccanica
Bikes: have owned 748/853/916/749/853R/748/848 not sure whats next...
Posts: 2,242
Join Date: Sep 2004
Mood: excited about the changes made to averysmotorcycles.co.uk that are coming up
i know of a mates work mate who sold a tl100r for 6500 with a bankers draught that he thought would be fine, so he paid into the abnk on the monday and gave the keys to the new owner and he even gave him his spare helmet as the guy left his on the train !!!!!!!!!!!!

on the saturady he went to buy a brand new cbr6rr and pay for it by switch knowing he had the draught in the bank only to find it was a fake ( a good fake ) that had cleared and then bounced which left him looking rather stupid in the dealers with the keys to a rr in his hand but no cash in account

he ended up 6500 out of pocket and taking the 6rr on finance out of frustartion and anger just so he could get home

scumbags the lot of them

did you see mcn this week about the guy in the post office uniform, watch out guys their getitng cleverer
Old 03-Nov-2004, 17:24
RightSaidFred's Avatar
RightSaidFred RightSaidFred is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 362
Join Date: Oct 2004
Mood: I AM looking forward to racing..

Yes be VERY careful there are scammers everywhere. Which brings me to this, not quite the same but related to these scams are African money scammers. Check out this site though, www.419scammers.com, these guys have actually managed to 'scam the scammers!' Its priceless...
Old 04-Nov-2004, 06:51
RightSaidFred's Avatar
RightSaidFred RightSaidFred is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 362
Join Date: Oct 2004
Mood: I AM looking forward to racing..
duuuhhhh....too much tea drunk, it's not 419scammers, its 419eaters.com. Sorry!
Old 04-Nov-2004, 08:13
Mad Dog Bianchi's Avatar
Mad Dog Bianchi Mad Dog Bianchi is offline
Registered Forum User
Bikes: ST4S
Posts: 649
Join Date: Oct 2004
Anything to do with any part of Africa should be looked at with great caution. You folks must have been swamped with the Nigeria Letter Scam and this is just another iteration.

Scamming scammers is an heroic pasttime!!
Old 04-Nov-2004, 17:36
Paul James's Avatar
DSC Member Paul James Paul James is offline
Founder Member
Ducati Meccanica
Posts: 2,994
Join Date: May 2001
I always err on the side of caution, if it sounds to good to be true it's normally not true.

Did you know that Tony Blair's surname is an anagram of B Liar, says it all don't it.
Old 02-Jan-2005, 21:44
adam adam is offline
Registered Forum User
Big Twin
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Mood: happy
just been contacted by a guy called Jason from dont know where asking about my KTM which is for sale. Apparantly he is happy with the pictures i sent him and wants to go ahead with the purchase. said his mate will pick up the bike once he has sent the cheque. yeh right. glad i read this post. I wouldnt have let the bike go but i may have given my address, could have been a bad move.
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