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Private Adverts Use this forum for all private adverts. You must have been a registered member on this board for at least 14 days before you are allowed to post.

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Old 19-Dec-2005, 22:26
paologray paologray is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 144
Join Date: Dec 2005
look out for this scam, I did it myself once and never realised until the guy contacted me..... Read on....

okay, I had a cheque book which I thought I had lost so I contacted the bank for a new one. Ive written about 3 cheques all my life, so When I needed to write one I just grabbed the 1st cheque book I could find( it was my old one, looked exactly the same as the new one). so I write out the cheque and sent it off. It cleared. everone was happy, I had my ebay items, he had his money. then I get a letter from the bank about 4 weeks later saying that the cheque I had written was from my old book, that the money would be returned to me, with no charge, and they would take the money back out of the other guys account!!

Completely an accident on my behalf, but people could use this to great effect....

Dont say I didnt warn you!!

Old 01-Feb-2006, 18:52
bike mad's Avatar
bike mad bike mad is offline
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Posts: 297
Join Date: Jun 2005
I had the same skam when I tried to sell my bike on ebay, the guy sent me a cheque, I was not fooled at all and wound the guy up for days, it must have cost him some money on the phone and I kept the cheque, one less to get someone else with,
if you get this scam tell them your pc is on the blink and to phone you, and keep them on the phone as long as poss, call it cheap justice
Old 02-Feb-2006, 18:26
Carbon749's Avatar
Carbon749 Carbon749 is offline
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Mood: I own a flame thrower
So far I've been lucky with e-bay, PayPal etc ...

but, did get an e-mail the other day from PayPal confirming my payment of 850 for an engine out of a Honda car.

Intstant reaction is to think what the F*** I have not bought an engine. The e-mail looks 100% genuine. On the bottom of the e-mail is a link syaing "if you did not authorise this transaction click here and report this".

When you click on the link it takes you to the "PayPal" site and ask's you to log in. The e-mail is bogus, the site you go to is bogus. Once you have logged in to the bogus site they have your paypal account details and take over control, change delivery address, order stuff using your credit card etc etc
Old 25-Feb-2006, 21:24
duc daz's Avatar
duc daz duc daz is offline
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Posts: 548
Join Date: Sep 2005
Mood: a ducati is for life not just for christmas
i bid on a full termi system on ebay .i went in at 800 and some one bid 820 i didnt think any more of it but the next day i got a email saying second chance offer i thought the guy that had won the item had pulled out .then i got a email from a guy that had bid under me saying ive contacted all the people that have put a bid in for the termi not to send any money to the address because its a scam checked it all out and yes it was close call or what always check second chance offers out email the guy that is selling the item
Old 15-Jan-2007, 19:28
vfactory's Avatar
vfactory vfactory is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 1
Join Date: Jan 2007
Hi guys.. am new here.. I thought I should add a few more scams to this list..
UK banks, by law, have to clear all cheques within 3 working days.. whether they are overseas or domestic. A mate of mine had a cheque sent over from the US for some old parts he was selling and the money obviously cleared. He shipped the stuff off.. and then about a week later the bank called and explained that the cheque had bounced (and he owed them some money cuz he'd blown the money on a new bike!!)
Second scam. beware of people on ebay who don't have a paypal account. They will want payment by Western union and this again is not secure.. its like going to a bank and entering the money in his account.. probably worse. ebay nor western union advice it. I desperately needed a part from NZ and i sent the money off (plus WU fees & postage) and havn't seen it since last year!!
Old 15-Jan-2007, 22:28
Lightning Boy's Avatar
Lightning Boy Lightning Boy is offline
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Big Twin
Posts: 1,388
Join Date: Feb 2006
Mood: Waiting at the Crossroads......
[quote=vfactory]Hi guys.. am new here.. I thought I should add a few more scams to this list..
UK banks, by law, have to clear all cheques within 3 working days.. whether they are overseas or domestic. QUOTE]

UK Banks are not governed by UK civil law, they are governed by the FSA. Clear a cheque in 3 days ?
Old 25-Jan-2007, 23:02
custard custard is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 166
Join Date: Jun 2003
Mood: yes mistress
but surely you send the bike to an address, police turn up at that address, got him...No?????
Old 19-Feb-2008, 00:04
matt#corse's Avatar
matt#corse matt#corse is offline
Registered Forum User
Posts: 62
Join Date: Jan 2008
Hi all

Good job im a genuine ebay seller.Ive recieved wire transfers from US for over 1500 for WSB parts,western union payment of over 500 from a guy in Germany and loads of people in the Uk have put cash straight into my bank account.

Am i right in thinking BACS payments cannot be returned or cancelled.What about wire transfers??

Dont think i will be accepting cheques for much longer.Trouble is all this limits buyers method of payment.I DONT USE PAYPAL SERVICE because of there rip off fees and if scammers claim items were not recieved paypal takes there side and takes money from sellers bank account even if they have proof of postage.

As for buying check there feedback and ask a few questions first.
Old 13-Oct-2009, 07:47
trouty's Avatar
trouty trouty is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2006
Mood: i'm a grey dude...
or... take payment by magic beans.

These are an international currency accepted everywhere. Their value is not altered by fluctuating global economic strengths/weaknesses.

Actually, i have some here. Anyone wanna swap for a 1098?
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