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Old 03-Jun-2020, 15:53
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Fuel commander any good ?

Hi has any one here tried one of these ? I am running with a very open exhaust system and was wondering if this would give me some control over fueling correctly ..thanks.


*** PS mine is a 2003 1000ds***
Old 04-Jun-2020, 17:17
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These normally fit inline with one of the sensors that are used to adjust the fuel - so either the atmospheric sensor, temperature sensor, etc - and override the value so that the engine management unit is fooled into add more or less fuel.

Yes it's a cheap and easy way of doing it, but not necessarily the best way!

Have you got the Ducati Performance (DP) map on your bike? That's always a good place to start with the open exhaust.

A Power Commander would allow you to fine-tune the fuel map, but you would need to get the bike onto the dyno and measure before, during and after tuning to ensure that you're getting real results and not "seat of the pants" results... and that's not cheap!

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Old 04-Jun-2020, 20:41
devonnick devonnick is offline
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Bikes: Multistrada 1000ds 2003
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Reading the blurb it says that It measures the outside air temperature very close to where the stock sensor is located and adjusts the signal from the OEM air temperature sensor to the ECU What this accomplishes is that the ECU is told that the intake air is a little cooler than it is and the ECU will respond by injecting a fraction more fuel depending on the PowerJet setting...sounds promising..I am not sure if it has Ducati Performance (DP) map ..I dont know its history unfortunately i know it has what looks like a sensor bolt hole on the rear pipe that someone has fitted See pi ...I am running with a short stubbie exhaust see pic and would like to be able to adjust the fueling to suit.a remap /flush with some dyno time would be best but is expensive and I do like to try to sort things myself if I can thanks for your time
Old 04-Jun-2020, 21:07
devonnick devonnick is offline
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Bikes: Multistrada 1000ds 2003
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I have also found this..https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Additiona...6/362703968816 which is more of the same I think .
Old 16-Jun-2020, 19:08
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I can't say they are my cup of tes as they operate on using the trim map inside the ECU associated with that sensor so has limitations, I would always prefer something that alters the length of the pulse to the injector as Power Commanders do.
These days i'll happily edit the map in the ECU after first saving a copy of the original but I understand that isn't for everyone with many prefering the Power Commander route, but there are alternatives that do a similar job to the power commander of either shorterning or lengthening the time of the injection pulse.
Back in the infancy of Power Commanders there were alternatives such as DB Tronics or Techlusion that allowed you to change the fueling with the use of a screwdriver to alter the pulse length

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