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Old 12-Jan-2011, 01:44
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Dayco Cambelts

Dayco seem to have a good range of kevlar cambelts for Ducati applications.


Thoughts anyone?
Old 12-Jan-2011, 19:21
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Heard of a few people using them without any problems, but I've been sticking to original Ducati items as supplied by Gates.
I see it the same way as Insurance cover, pay a bit more and get better cover

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Old 12-Jan-2011, 21:14
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Aftermarket Belts

The question about installing aftermarket camshaft belts in a Ducati comes up quite regularly. Ducati belts are made by Gates to Ducati specifications and are unavailable except from Ducati. Further, Ducati specfies belt tension requirements based on using a Gates belt.

But, Ducati belts are quite expensive compared to aftermarket belts.

There have been a number of changes to the Gates belts over the years because Ducati belt failures have occured frequently in the past. Accurate belt tension values and replacement at Ducatiís mileage and time intervals are important to avoid premature failure. Unfortunately, belt failures are still with us.

I think Iíd consider buying aftermarket if GiaCaMoto, Bucci, Dayco or California Cycleworks offered their own warranty to cover engine damage caused by their belt failure. Testimonials from one or two owners, or anecdotal information from a reseller that theyíre identical to the OEM belts isnít enough for me. If you want to assume the risk on an out-of-warranty bike for the sake of a few quid, be my guest.

The financial and failure risk is not trivial.

Keep in mind that Ducati engines are interference engines, that is, the valves will come in contact with the pistons if the timing belt fails. So itís probably wise not to use an aftermarket belt on an engine thatís still under warranty. If one fails, Ducati wonít pay for the repairs.

Aftermarket belts, although dimensionly correct, can exhibit differnces in internal construction and materials. Ducatiís product specification for tensile and fatigue strength, durability, heat resistance, etc. isnít published, so there will be some differences exhibited between OEM and aftermarket belts.

For example, one aftermarket manufacturer sells a stronger belt that tests show will fail at higher tension force levels than the Gates belt. So is this a better product?

No, as it turns out.

The stronger aftermarket belt is stiffer in tension, so when you install the belt to Ducatiís cold tension specification, when the engine heats-up the hot tension is higher than you get with the Gates belt. Loads on the pulley bearings becomes excessive, noise increases and heat build-up (from flexing a stiffer belt) increases. So a stronger belt could lead to premature failure.

Just saying.
Old 13-Jan-2011, 08:03
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yeah, but the after market belt is 20 dollars cheaper......LOL
reminds me of the lady who told the captain when alighting from a flight, "Airline So&So gives out free champagne, have bigger meals, and roomier seats". He replied, "so, why did you fly with us?", to which she retorted "Cause you are $3 cheaper!". WalMart mentality at it's finest.
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